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This steampunk jewelry collection was inspired by my love of all things bright, bold, and colorful. 

Each piece of jewelry I design is painstakingly hand painted, using a toothpick to apply the pigments, which are then permanently fused to the metal. This technique, which is unique to my work, gives each piece a vibrant and colorful finish you won't find anywhere else.

Every single watch movement I use in my creations hasn't worked in decades, and as sad as it may be, isn't financially viable to be fixed by a watch maker. So rather than let these amazing pieces of history go to the landfill, I choose to recycle them into beautiful pieces of jewelry- which gives them a new, albeit different, purpose once again.

When I receive these watches, they more often than not, have years of dirt, grime, and rust on them. And while there is a certain beauty in the grunge, industrial aesthetic, that is not what I chose to focus on for this collection. So after hours of cleaning, sanding, grinding, and polishing, these watch movements are bright and shiny once again (as much as I am able to get them).


Small antique Westfield brand wrist watch movement is from the 1940's

The Elephant base was found at a secondhand shop. 

The eye and heart are vintage Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

The "stone" is a faux resin cabochon.

The metal is unknown (as there was no information on it when I purchased the piece to upcycle).


Necklace measures approximately 3 inches wide by 18 inches long and is slightly adjustable + / - an inch


It's no secret that metal and water don't play well together, therefore, I strongly suggest taking this piece off before bathing or swimming. If your necklace is exposed to water such as rain, that is perfectly fine and will cause no damage as long as you remember to let your necklace air dry thoroughly before storing it.

Pro tip: Never store any fine jewelry in a moist environment, such as a bathroom, as this can cause unnecessary damage to your jewelry over time.


Please make sure to read my 'FAQ' section carefully before checkout. Most questions can be answered there!

Steampunk Elephant Necklace

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