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Are you looking for a awesome gift for your impossible to shop for gutter-mouthed best friend?

Perhaps you’re in the market for a gift for your co-worker Karen whose entire office is decorated with the always popular 'live, love, laugh' artwork ad nauseam?

Or maybe, your walls look too naked, and you are trying to impress that new tinder date? After all, you don't want them thinking you’re some creeper without any home décor clout, right?

Whatever the reason, look no further friends! This art print is sure to please, and possibly enrage, all those who see it. In my book, that's what I call a win-win.

You're welcome. :)




This is an 8x10 art PRINT of an original collage I made.  Again, this is NOT the original artwork but rather a professionally printed COPY of it- which I assure you is almost as good as owning the original art, which you can't, because it's already been sold.  Sorry!




Please note, all snarky art prints come with a 1/4 inch white border surrounding the artwork. Why you ask? Because I think it looks cool. I guess if you don't like the white border, you can always cut it off- but then your artwork will not fit in a 8x10 frame properly and it will be a whole thing so.... your choice!


Additionally, your art print will NOT have my copyright all over it (unless you want that for some reason, and if you do, send me a message and I will do as you wish, weirdo)! 


And the reason I had to watermark my art in the first place is to prevent some not so nice humans from stealing it rather than giving me money so that my electricity doesn't get shut off.  Can you believe that?!  Boo, to them.


Finally, because this is a professionally printed copy of my original artwork, there might be slight variations to the art print due to cropping and what not.  Please allow for slight variations to the image.

Sarcastic Funny Retro Kids Art Print 8x10

Excluding Sales Tax
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