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Weird Gifts for Weird People

About Tashera Jean

Welcome to Tashera Jean dot com (pronounced: tuh-share-uh gee-n) where you will find the weirdest handmade gifts for the weirdest of people!

All of my creations are heavily influenced by decades past but are re-imagined with a new twist. My love of animals, kitsch, sci-fi, and vulgarity all play a significant role in my life that often reflected throughout my works.  

Every item I design, whether its jewelry, artwork, home decor, and everything in between, is made from recyclable materials whenever possible.

To me, handmade art isn’t about perfection. That is one of the most difficult, yet valuable, lessons I have learned over the years. Handmade art is extremely personal. Handmade art is raw and sometimes slightly flawed- just like its creator. And it’s those tiny imperfections that make handmade art uniquely beautiful.

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